Monday, February 1, 2010

Life Skills

You know I often don't even think to teach Hudson (or Meadow) what I think are mundane things.

Like peeling an orange.

What sort of teaching things slip your mind?


Jackie said...

It is definitely easy to forget. That is why I started my real life learning series. It is so easy to get caught up thinking about all of the things we want our children to learn that we often forget some of the things we do every day-like peeling an orange.

Ticia said...

Hmmmm...... I'd say life skills are what I tend to miss as well. I don't always stop and think they may not know what cleaning up looks like.

Virginia Lee said...

Other than chores, I forget to do this as well. Plus, peeling that orange is a great fine motor skill. Thanks for the reminder.

ImogenSky said...

I don't think about it often either. Although my 2 year old can peel almost 4 year old can't...I guess I should get started on those things!
I will be teaching them how to make sunseed sandwhiches...Thanks for the reminder :)

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