Meet the Scotts

Welcome to Scott School!  I am thrilled that you have discovered our little corner of the bloggy world!

Let me introduce you to our homeschooling, small scale farming, family.

At the top of the page is me, Sarah.  I am a mostly enthusiastic, creative stay at home mom, who is usually ready for any sort of adventure, especially if it involves thrift stores or yard sales.  I love decorating, teaching my kiddos and chilling out with my goats.

Craig is the super silly daddy around here and we wouldn't want him any other way.  Not only is he extra fun to be around, Craig is an inventive genius, which is super handy around the farm.

Hudson is the big brother of our family.  He is a very thoughtful 6 year old.  We have nicknamed him the chicken whisperer because he has a way with poultry.  Hudson is also a Lego-maniac!!!

Meadow may look small, but let me assure you, she is an elephant... this 3 year old doesn't forget anything.  Meadow is a complicated mixture of tender and fierce.  She loves to have her nails painted, but doesn't want to miss out on anything her brother may be doing.

Delaney is a snuggly, mellow little baby.  People often ask "Is she always this calm?"  She is adored by everyone in our home.

So there you have it the cast of the Scott School Blog...

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