Friday, May 27, 2011

Uncommon (for us) Unschooling.

There was NOT a lot of sit down workbook school going on this week...Instead there were some valuable life lessons learned.
We learned about life. (Hudson "bonding" with Wallace).
A bit about death. (Hanging a dead chicken from a tree).

We tried new things. (Meadow having a drink of goats milk).
Got some exercise. (Herding Dexter home after he jumped the electric fence and followed the car down the road).
We learned that resting is a good idea:)


Stef Layton said...

oh my billy goat !! I want one !!!!!! actually - my sister have 2 and they make the funniest sounds ... all day long.

Kate @ An Amazing Child said...

I am so very excited about homeschooling our children. They are 26 months and 7 weeks now but it feels like we have started our journey already. These are the types of things I am looking forward to. Authentic learning, natural learning. Just perfect.

Thanks for sharing this with us and hope to see you again next week.

Michelle said...

What a couple of cuties:) Thanks for stopping by Stained Glass Butterflies! Hope you'll come by again.

Michelle and Tori

Mama Pea Pod said...

What wonderful learning opportunities!

Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play, hope to see you again this Friday!

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