Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Garbage Bag Threat

Today I was my mother. (I do remember some things you said mom... just probably not everything you hoped). I uttered the threat "If this room is not cleaned up in x amount of time, I will come in here with a garbage bag and take away what ever is on the floor."
My boy with his big brown eyes, eyes that looked weary and tired said "Can I just put the stuff in the garbage bag mom?"
Hudson was burdened.  Five years old and weighed down by too much stuff.  Tired of being overwhelmed with where to put his things.
I gave him the bag and let him toss his way to freedom... I hope to glean this lesson and get myself a big black garbage bag to dump my overabundance.


Anonymous said...

What a great lesson for us all. I could feel his burden through your words. Thanks for the heart-warming and well written story.

Ticia said...

I always hated when my Mom said that to me. We're struggling with too much stuff too.

MommaMindy said...

That is hilarious! What a cutie. I had the same reaction from my little boy years ago. It had never occurred to me that a kid could have too many toys.

My new policy became if they got a new something, (toy, purse, etc.) they had to get rid of one. We keep a box in the garage for the kids to toss stuff in on a regular basis.

Thanks for sharing. I'm still smiling about his precious comment.

Rachel said...

Aww, that is very cute! We've enjoyed some success in keeping the rooms cleaner. I implemented chore charts and they're cleaning their rooms every day now. Still, there is way too much stuff!
My oldest daughter is like me; everything has sentimental value attatched to it. I wish my Mom would bring a garbage bag, but alas, she's far too much like me (or me like her!)

Kelly L said...

Aww - that's crazy... As my blog is title - I've Become my Mother - I know exactly what you're saying... I've used the garbage trick a time or two... and both of my kids jumped to the task of picking up... Heaven forbid I get rid of their clothes..lol
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twyla: http://wearethetparty.blogspot.com/ said...

i love that you looked past the moment and saw what Hudson really needed--and probably all of us! 'de-clutter' has become my motto! anyone want anything? lol

Christy said...

I feel like we are constantly decluttering toys. My husband often sings a song where he becomes the garbage man and threatens to throw everything away. My children and I are all pretty sentimental when it comes to toys - it truly is a burden.

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