Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Ideas for Review

One of my real life friends asked me about what sort of review I do. Right now we work on a weekly letter of the alphabet so how do I know it's sticking?

Here is a list of the ways I review and assess what letters Hudson really knows and what we need to work on.

1. Starfall
The alphabet games on Starfall really reinforce each of the letters and the sounds.

2. Everday letter hunts.
I ask Hudson to point out random letters in signs, on book pages, on the side of vehicles... pretty much anywhere there is writing we play this game.

3. I write letters and short words on out cookie sheet chalkboard. Then Hudson uses magnet letters and matches them up with what I have written.

4. We play "What does __________ start with?"
Hudson: Mom what does garlic start with?
Mom:  What's the first sound?
Hudson: (Sometimes with help) Guh.
Mom: So garlic starts with...
Hudson: G!

So those are just some of the ways we alphabet review in our house.  What are your ideas? 


whisperingwhispers said...

Since Selena learned her Alphabet the phonic sounds so early, along with her numbers, her school work right now really is a review, and more of a focus on the fine motor skills. We also play the letter hunt game, or we play Princess P's Spelling B at

Christy said...

Great ideas!

Raising a Happy Child said...

We love Starfall, and we used it early on a lot too. One good review strategy is an occasional reading of ABC books. One thing that I decided to do is to defocus letters and focus on sounds, that's why we are all over Progressive Phonics ( We do a lot of phonic activities every week based on that course.

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