Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tot School with Meadow.

Oh how I love the focused time I spend with Meadow. It is such a wonderful blessing to watch her discover new and enjoyable things.
This week we looked in the mirror. Here Meadow is trying to share her suckie with the "other baby"
I brought out the fabric tunnel and we explored that for a little while.
I attempted to have Meadow discover a box full of various toys.
But her brother kept adding to the toy collection and it was chaos.

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{lauren} said...

My son loves playing in the mirror too...he tries to share toys with himself...but not the paci! That must be too precious to share:) I love the tunnel too...I really want to get Noah one as well.

The Activity Mom said...

So cute! What a fun week of discovery!

Giggly Girls said...

She is just precious!!

Susana said...

We love our tunnel too--they are so much fun!

She is adorable, Sarah!

Jackie said...

So cute! I have always thought those tunnels were neat, but never bought one.

Virginia Lee said...

Cool tunnel! Where did you get it? Caroline would love that.

Orange Juice said...

I love that first photo so cute!

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