Monday, October 19, 2009


Perhaps I am the last person in homeschool land to hear about Kumon and jump on their boat. Well If that is the case then bare with me. If not though then I encourage you to check out their workbooks.
So far we have My Book of EASY MAZES

and My Book of NUMBERS 1-30

Straight from the website:

THE KUMON METHOD is what makes our Workbooks so unique and effective. This Method is a proven learning system developed in Japan to help each child reach his or her full potential. Concepts are introduced in a step-by-step manner that allows the child to master each in turn without getting frustrated. Before long, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

I love that each page builds upon the last and the activities get slightly more challenging each time.  There is never moaning or groaning at my house when I bring out these workbooks.  

For more information or to order head over to the Kumon Publishing website.


Christy said...

I LOVE Kumon!

Susana said...

LOVE, love, love Kumon and hope you do too!!

Chris said...

i have seen these books... i wanted to get that easy maze for my 2 year old... :)

sara@augustfields said...

i love kumon :) barnes and noble have them and homeschoolers are allowed the 'teacher' discount!

Raising a Happy Child said...

When my daughter was 2, I bought some Kumon books marketed to 2-4, and it was way early. She did grow into them in her late 2s. Her favorites are "let's sticker and paste" and "my first book of tracing", but tracing gets pretty complex pretty quickly. I think I will get others eventually - Anna really loves them.

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