Thursday, October 15, 2009

stART-Sneaky Snake

I am so excited to participate in stART. What is stART you may ask? Well according to A Mommy's Adventures (the blog that hosts stART)
A Story + Art = A Great stART!
For our debut stART post I chose the story The Sneaky Snake from The Beginners Bible.

The chosen craft for this book is a spiral snake.

First I drew a spiral with marker on a piece of construction paper and Hudson colored it with crayons.  He is really into mazes right now so he did a great job "following the spiral road".

Next I cut along the spiral lines.

Hudson glued sequence to the snake.  We attached a red tongue and hung our snake from the ceiling.

I am totally loving this stART idea!


Christy said...

I may have told you this already but we have read through that bible (one story every night before bed) three times already. My kids love it. I have tried others, but this one is perfect for them. Great idea to make the sneaky snake. We'll try that too!

Susana said...

I love his snake.

Thanks for the reminder, I really need to get this book!

whisperingwhispers said...

That is the Bible we use with Selena! I love the idea of the sneaky snake! I would never have thought about doing a spiral snake.

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