Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tot School with Meadow

I got brave this week and gave Meadow some markers to color with.

She only got a little smudge on her forehead and the rest on the paper.

After the coloring I gave her the sticky tape to play with.

It was a very interesting tactile lesson.

We have yet another box to play in at our house.

This one is more of a play fort box and not a car box.

We got all of Meadow's sparkly books out and read them on the couch.

I did actually read them with her.  It's just very hard to take a picture while reading a book to a one year old.

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Virginia Lee said...

You are a brave mama. The one and only time I gave Caroline markers we ended up with it all over her and her clothes. So we'll be waiting on markers for our girlo.

Like the tape idea. So simple yet so interesting for her.

Our Country Road said...

I agree, brave mama with the markers, but good for you trying. I bet she loved them. The box looked like fun too!

The Activity Mom said...

Way to go on the markers! =)
The tape is a great experience too. I wonder if she would like stickers?

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