Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playing Store

I made a desperate plea politely asked Natalie of Mouse Grows Mouse Learns if she has any ideas for counting and number recognition.  Her little Anna excels in this area so I was hoping to glean some wisdom.

I was not disappointed.  Natalie sent me an email with a wealth of great ideas.  Now since you all have been really nice to me let me share one with you. (I will probably share more later but I have to hold on to my precious post ideas:))

Ok are you ready for it?  Get your pens and paper....
Play Store!
Bet you didn't guess that from the title didjya?  
Ok here's what you need:
  • Store items
  • Price Tags
  • Money (Anna and Natalie use little erasers, Hudson and I used pennies)   
I set up our store in my bedroom cupboard (so that Meadow would not get into it and rip off the price tags).  Our store was called the lunch store and Hudson got to buy what he wanted for lunch.

Hudson choose noodles right away as well as the crackers
 Here he is trying to figure out how much he needs to pay for this item.

 The noodles were 6 pennies and the Crackers were 3.

He had 10 pennies to spend.  Here he is counting out 9 pennies to buy his lunch.

(Please excuse this picture quality not sure what happened there).  I did add some tomato sauce to the noodles and peabutter to the crackers to make is more nutritious and tasty :)

Next time we play I hope to have a few more props.  Things such as a basket and a wallet.  

I may use more seasonal items next time as well such as Christmas toys and ornaments or things one would wrap a present with (paper, bows, ribbon, tape...etc)

Hope this is helpful to some of you and thank you Natalie for the fantastic idea!



Jackie said...

Great idea! You know I love real life learning ideas. :-) Way to go!

Virginia Lee said...

This is a great idea. Natalie if you are reading this, awesome!

Caleb loves anything to do with dramatic play. So this would be a hit. Plus, it would be supplies we have in the house already.

Thank you Sarah for posting about your son's experience with it.

Ticia said...

Fun idea! I might have to try that sometime, my kids would probably love it. Of course then I'll have 3 different lunches to make.....

whisperingwhispers said...

We haven't played store yet, we do count pennies using cards to tell Selena how many pennies to count.

I also am making larg monthly calendars, tha Selena can count the numbers everyday.

We did some math that was a little different for Selena today using a ruler, and making patterns using one inch increments.

Love the store idea though, and I bet Selena would love it as well.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I am glad that you liked my idea, and you certainly took it one step further. Your store is practically a restaurant :) In our store we mostly buy and sell plastic food or small toys.

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