Thursday, November 19, 2009

Preschool Corner Letter W

This is the first time I have divided my post up into subjects.  How fun to have enough activities in a week to do so :)

Reading and Writing
I really love how our winter W turned out. I got the idea from No Time For Flash Cards
and tweaked it just a little.
First I let Hudson write with my embossing pen on the DLTK Ww that  I printed on dark blue cardstock.

Then we sprinkled on some kaleidascope powder, heated it and made the W's look icy.

Next Hudson glued some pre-cut snowflakes on to some light blue cardstock.

And glued the cut out W's on top.

Pretty Fancy Schmancy don't you think?
Hudson practiced some pre-writing skills in his Kumon Easy Maze book.

He has become quite skilled at holding his pencil.
We read Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin quite a lot this week and made a spaghetti worm craft to go with it.

We are back to basics in the number department here.Working mostly with numbers 1-5.
In this activity Hudson used buttons to count the correct amount for each card.

Hudson practiced number sequencing with this 0-9 puzzle.

We have been tracing numbers 1-5 over and over again in Kumon Numbers 1-30.

Science and Cooking
Hudson helped me make cinnamon rolls.  He loves pour ingredients, roll dough and spread the cinnamon and sugar.


These blocks are from Ikea.  They are a great open ended toy.  Hudson quite enjoyed building with them.

We had a small emergency this week when Hudson got his elbow stuck in a chair.

Never fear!  Some gobs of vaseline and mom pulling got him free after a while.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Great week! Hudson has a very nice tripod grip. Sorry about his accident, I hope that he wasn't too scared when his elbow got stuck.

Debbie said...

You did some great things this week with Hudson.

Sorry but I cracked up over the look on poor Hudson's face with his arm stuck in the chair.

Glad you got him free, and I hope he is over the trama!

Jolanthe said...

We had one of ours get stuck in a chair when we were out on a date and Rick had to go home to get the kiddo out ~ using butter. :)

I just went to ikea this week too and picked up some stuff - they have GREAT things!!

You all had a fun week too! love that snow craft.

Jackie said...

Another great week of activities! Your winter "W
's look neat. I've never had embossing pens or powder. Pretty cool. I still feel bad for Hudson with his arm stuck in the chair, but it is funny.

Kim said...

I love your letter W. I can't believe he got stuck in the chair! How do they do these things?? Glad you got him free quickly!

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