Thursday, November 26, 2009

Preschool Corner Letter X and Y

Our first day of school we declared a snow day and headed outside. This counts as P.E. right?

Alphabet Activities:
We used No Time for Flash Cards as our inspiration for our Letter X.

First Hudson colored a piece of black paper with chalk to make it look like and x-ray.

Then we glued on 2 paper bones to make an X.

Hudson did this letter Y activity with daddy.(who is much more skilled with a camera than I am).

They used an assortment of yellow items and coloring tools to make a yellow Y.

Hudson created a yarn collage as well.

Math and Logic
This Moses puzzle was a new one for Hudson to put together.

I also have Hudson this wooden shapes puzzle to sort and solve.  There are various combinations to how the pieces go together so it is a bit more open ended than a traditional puzzle.
Hudson put together 1-5 of the number matching puzzle.

And he counted out buttons to go with the coresponding numbers on flash cards.

Miscellaneous Fun 
After this picture was taken Hudson said "Mom is God laughing at me because I'm so funny?"

Posing for Christmas card photos!


Raising a Happy Child said...

You managed to get quite a lot of learning done for Thanksgiving week. I loved the pictures in the snow - I doubt that our daughter will see any this winter again.

Jackie said...

Great activities! Love the snow and how Hudson asked if God was laughing at him. He is funny!

Ticia said...

I love how he covers the paper in glue. That cracks me up every time because mine do the same thing.

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