Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life Skills 3

We like to give our children responsibilities and chores that they can handle and are age appropriate.
Meadow's chore is to put away the clean plastic dishes from the dishwasher and one of Hudson's chores is to put away the cutlery (I take out the sharp knives) and measuring cups.
Just because I know you are curious Hudson's other chores are:
  • sorting clean laundry into piles by owner (plus towels)
  • lining up the shoes at the front door
  • making his bed
  • clearing his place at the table


Debbie said...

I think the idea of giving children age appropriate chores is great! That reminds me of my older children at about the same age.

We don't have a dishwasher yet, so Selena hasn't had the opportunity for many kitched chores. She does help with dusting, making her bed, keeping her bed made, and folding laundry.

Jackie said...

Those are some great life skills. I love that Meadow even has a chore to do. She is so cute doing it, too.

Virginia Lee said...

We also have specifc "chores" for Caleb. Items to help build those life skills we so often take for granted. I loved that you include Meadow in them as well.

Shelby said...

Those are wonderful chores for your little man! I just recently did a post on our chore charts for our little ones! (: They love helping around the house!

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