Monday, November 15, 2010

Borax Slime

Another activity from the Preschool Activity Swap we went to:
My sweet friend FunkyR (not her real name) contributed this squishy ball of fun to the party.

Want to make some of your own?

Homemade Slime Recipe
White Glue
Food Coloring (optional)
Ziploc bag
1. Borax is available in the laundry section of your local grocery store. Take a cup of water and add to it 1 Tbs. of borax (approx 4% solution). Stir until completely dissolved.
2. Make a 50% water 50% white glue solution. Take 1/4 cup of each and mix thoroughly.
3. In a ziploc bag, add equal parts of the borax solution to equal parts of the glue solution. 1/2 cup of each will make a cup of slime.
4. Add a couple drops of food coloring.
5. Seal bag and knead the mixture.
6. Dig in and have fun. Remember to wash your hands after playing.
7. Keep your slime in the sealed bag in the refrigerator when not playing with it to keep it longer. Unfortunately it may eventually dry out or grow mold. Just throw it out and start again!

Just in case you are not aware of how wonderful this concoction actually is watch the video below:



Khourt said...

That looks like lots of fun!!! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

It is also more fun when it is warm. If I get out some already made "Flubber," I usually lay it in a sink of hot tap water for awhile first.

Cyn said...

After reading Why Homeschool and About Me ~ I think you and I are twins that were separated at birth! =)
Blessings to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I've been looking for a good slime tutorial for awhile and am so thrilled to find one! Thanks! Will be featuring this tmw! :)

Amanda said...

This looks great! I featured you today! Hope you had a great holiday!


Anonymous said...

Borax is an AWESOME item to have on hand. We made bouncy balls with borax and glue (also-bouncy eggs and corn starch and water goo in this post)

For Christmas we made borax crystal ornaments with just pipe cleaners and borax water. It was a great fun science project.
We played with it and added more and less borax to the water (effects time it takes for Crystals to form) and put one ornament in to form then put another ornament in the same water (2nd ornament has smaller crystals) It was a great science project my kids LOVED.

We'll have to try this slime soon!

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