Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Preschool Activity Swap

I recently attended a Preschool Activity Bag swap.It was so much fun and there are some very creative preschool moms living in my town.  I will share some of the activities with you in later posts.

Here's how it works:
Send invitations to all of your friends who have preschool age children.
Say 7 people commit to coming.
Have each of your guests create 7 of the same preschool activity that will fit into a large Ziploc bag. (The kind with the sliding zipper work best for little hands to open and close).
Get together and swap activities. Eat munchies, drink coffee and visit:)

It was super fun and now I have 7 new activities ready to go for my munchkins!
Here are some sites with ideas for your freezer bag fun:
Homeschool Share Workboxables
Totally Tots (Simply Made)


Chelsey Poelman said...

if you ever host one, we would love to participate: )

Rebecca (me!) said...

Have you ever seen the book: Activity Bags? It is great! It gives you a list of activities...and you do the swap that way. A friend of mine did it last year...and then quit homeschooling. So, she gave me hers....25 bags filled with different activities! They are awesome!

Anonymous said...

oo very fun! I will have to organize one of these soon! Sounds like so much fun!

.:liza:. said...

Was searching for crafts for my 2 year old & his friends and came across your site. This is such a great idea! I organize a moms group in our area and this is going to be added to our calendar ASAP! Thanks!!

LindsayDianne said...

That sounds like fun!

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