Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review-Couples Who Pray By Squire Rushnell, Louise DuArt

You may be wondering why I am doing a review on a marriage book since this is a homeschool blog. Well one of the reasons Craig and I have chosen to homeschool is to develop a storing family. I truly believe that a strong marriage is the spine of a strong family.

Couples Who Pray is an inspiring book about couples who are disciplined in praying together.  The authors Squire and Louise are a married couple who offer their readers a specific challenge.  Pray together for 5 minutes a day for 40 day and observe the changes in your marriage.  There are stories from some rather famous people about their experiences in taking the 40 day prayer challenge (Denzel and Pauletta Washington to do a little name dropping here).

I found this book to be a great encouragement to married couples who are looking to strengthen their marriage in areas of intimacy and communication.
I am looking forward to Craig and I starting the  40 day Prayer Challenge.  I am viewing it as somewhat of an experiment to see what sort of changes occur in our marriage.

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