Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Wearing

baby #3 is on the way... due in September which is of course right when we will start Kindergarten for Hudson... yikes! What's a Mama to do?
Well thanks to CSN Stores I was able to receive and review an really cool baby carrier.
 The Moby Wrap!  I envision calm peacful days with my little darling curled up in this wrap, snoozing away while I assist my genius five year old with his calculus and latin lessons...POP goes that bubble!

Seriously though I totally anticipate this wrap being a versatile tool in my box for school.  If I can hold a baby and be hands free for a little while to get Hudson started on a workbook and Meadow going with some sorting activity then use any borrowed time to guzzle my now luke warm latte. (Wouldn't want to reheat it and spill on baby.) Then this will be a successful item.

Of course I will also use the Moby Wrap while shopping, at church, while out on walks...etc.  I am really excited that unlike the pouch sling I already have the Moby Wrap is supported by both shoulders to evenly distribute the weight and cut down on back strain.
I am so excited to have this carrier!!!

So what baby wearing tips do you have????

Note: The opinions here are my own. I was given a GC from CSN Stores to choose an item for review.


Jordan Elizabeth said...

The Ergo baby carrier is the best. It's ergonomically correct for both mom and baby (and like yours, distributes the weight). It's also really easy to take on and off. Plus you can nurse with baby in it.

I'll come back if I come up with any baby-wearing tips...

Enjoy your new baby when he/she comes! I can hardly wait to have my own!

Tonia said...

I have the Moby Wrap and LOVE IT! It works so well. I had two other boys that always needed my attention and having the wrap made carrying baby very easy. I did yard work, went hiking and did housework with him in it. You will be very happy with it! (It does take a few tries to figure out how to put it on and not take so long though!)

~Sara said...

I have a moby as well. My daughter is almost 6 months old and I have worn her since she was first home. I love the moby! Having my hands free makes all the difference.

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