Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Classroom for the 21st Century.

A couple of Mondays ago I forced my way into was invited to a BBQ being held by our church's private school.
Little did I know that there would be a very exciting presentation about classrooms of the 21st Century. Here are the points I took from it:

  • Kids can Google anything in their own home so what can they be taught in a traditional classroom that they can't learn in their PJ's at their own computer?
  • Real life experience is what students need.
  • Christian children need to be out in their community being a disciple of Christ guided by their Christian teachers.
  • Perhaps schools need to buy more buses instead of build more classrooms.

Here's how I intend to apply what I learned:

  • Buy an iPad - I am totally serious. This is an age of information and while I want to do plenty of things the "old fashioned way" I realize that my children need to be technology literate.
  • Choose activities that give my children opportunities to love others. Not just other 5 year olds or their grandparents but truly love and serve those they com into contact with.
  • Find lessons in real life experiences.

What an exciting time to be a homeschool teacher! How are you creating a 21st century classroom?

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Jen said...

technology is amazing , and should be used to our advantage...we'd love an IPad....one day! :D

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