Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Today was not necessarily bad... perhaps because I was blessed to have my attitude in the right place... just really busy.

There was bible study this morning at the cutest little coffee shop in town.  I love my bible study gals and I love coffee so it was bliss.

Then lunch with my sweet friend Twyla.  I gotta tell you Twyla is one of the most "roll with it" people I know.  I love that about her.

A doctors appointment where I found out that I have gained 12.6lbs in 6 weeks... ok so my attitude about this is not really wonderful...

A quick stop to get my face waxed by dear Anita.

Then I picked up a pregnant cat from my Sunday School partner in crime Ronda.  I hope Misty likes her new home.

Came home to find escaped chickens who needed to be caught in the rain.

Called Hubby to bring home pizza for dinner.

Is it bed time yet?

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