Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Update...

Err or lack of garden update:)  Due to 7 new goats (two who are for sale by the way) and me being a new to farming pregnant mama... something had to give.  So alas since construction has not begun on my garden beds or my green house this year I am willing to delay my garden plans until next year.

We did manage to harvest some beans from our indoor bean plants though!!!
This was just one small harvest we did to try out the beans...Oh boy are they GOOD!

Hudson was a bit apprehensive but after he tried one I couldn't keep him outta the bean patch. :)


The Full Circle Gardener said...

Isn't it great when young ones try something new & love it! Good luck with your gardening next year! (stopping by from HSV Garden Challenge)

MissMOE said...

I'm amazed your bean plants produced inside. I understand about things having to wait. Their is a season for everything.

Zonnah said...

Thats a lot of new goats!

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