Friday, June 10, 2011

Early Mornings...

Mornings are some people's favorite time of the day... they are a favorite time of my day as well... to be snuggled in my bed still sleeping.

Alas with the addition of milk goats to the farm I am up early to help with straining the milk. Just so you have an idea how difficult mornings are for me I will give you some examples:

1. In highschool I used to sleep with my clothes on so I could stay in bed for extra time.

2. My husband once sprayed me with water to get me out of bed to catch a plane.

3. I answer any attempts at conversation my husband makes in the morning with a groaning growl.

So obviously this is not a post about having sunshiny mornings...It's a cry for help!  Will you pray for me to love mornings?  I want my eyes to be open to the blessings that God has for me in the morning.
Plus give me your tips on making mornings much better!  PLEASE!!!


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