Friday, June 3, 2011

Nature Journal Tutorial

I think this home made nature journal is just so cool!
Here are the supplies you will need...

pages for the inside (I used 7 pages from a small sketch pad that were about 6"x9")
a hole punch
a large twig
a rubber band
decorating materials (stickers paper crayons scissors glue...etc)

Step 1: cut your card stock 1/2 and inch larger than your pages.

Step 2: Layer your pages and card stock cover pieces together.  Then punch 2 holes through all of the papers and card stock in the side that will be your binding.
Step 3: thread one end of the elastic through each of the holes. (you will need to stretch it).

Step 4 wrap each end of the elastic around the twig.

Step 5: Decorate

Step 6- Fill it with your nature treasures

Step 7- head outside to find more treasures to put in your journal :)


learning table said...

This is a really cute nature journal! Nature journaling is one of our favorite activities.

Kate @ An Amazing Child said...

You're right, this is very cool! :) I love nature journals but this one is so great because they make it themselves.

Thanks for sharing with us and hope to see you again next Friday for our Outdoor Play link-up

Kate @ An Amazing Child said...

I'm also going to share this with our Outdoor Play group on TEN: The Education Network.

Thanks again :)

kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing said...

love this! we do lots and lots of nature walks!

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