Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bento box plates...

Dinner with Olivia is a Top 10 favorite book at our house... so much in fact that we also have a goat named after this Piggy main character.
Now without giving away the whole story... there is a part where Olivia's friend Francine has a bento box for lunch.  My kiddos became bento obsessed!
So I was greatly pleased to find these square plates at the dollar store to serve lunch in:
They're not quite authentic... but my kiddos love them and they have 2 less sections to fill than a 6 cup muffin tin :)


Lisa said...

"Hopping" over to visit from the HHH. :-) My younger children love Olivia!

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your 13 reasons for homeschooling! They are SO true and I could have written them myself, for they really describe the reasons we chose to homeschool our brood, as well.

Have a blessed day,
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Our Side of the Mountain said...

My daughter loved Olivia books for a while! How nice that you were able to find some Bento-like plates! Stopping by from the HHH!

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