Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tell Me a Story- Big Party

I gave Hudson a flannel board and some felt cut outs and asked him to use them to tell me a story.  Here is the story he created:
Big Party
Once upon a time a lot of animals came to a party where it was Halloween.  Some bunnies brought a cake. And they had wine. They had pumpkin seeds.  They went to the apple trees and ate some apples and the fish ate flowers.
The End.
What tactics do you have to help your child explore creative writing?

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twyla, said...

a fun time we had recently with our family was to tell one line of a story. the first person started with 'once upon a time...' the second continued with 'and then...' the third and fourth expanded the thoughts, then the fifth ended with 'and finally..."

it was lots of fun creating silly stories while waiting for a waitress taking w-a-y too long!

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