Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grade 1 Portfolio 3

Bible: For bible we have been reading the Jesus Storybook Bible, as well as reading devotions from the Kids Jesus Calling book. Hudson has been volunteering to pray first during bedtime prayers and we explore and talk about questions as they arise. We have also been watching the What’s in the Bible series. On the Thursday before Good Friday we did took communion, and did foot washing with the children explaining that this is what Jesus did at the last supper.
Hudson has been using our wooden clock puzzle to practice telling time... he is very good at telling time on the hour and ½ past the hour.
Hudson has been doing subtraction with borrowing
Hudson has been adding using tens and ones...

I have sent a DPA to you weekly so I have not included it in the portfolio.

Hudson enjoyed 6 weeks of Karate with the homeschool co-op.
He is also currently playing soccer... when it was Hudson’s turn to be in goal he spent the week beforehand preparing and taking coaching from Craig and I... He saved 11 balls and his hard work really paid off during the game.

Health and Career:

Hudson and I have been talking quite a bit about his food allergies and ways that he can eat healthy. Hudson has been doing plenty of gardening and has harvested rhubarb to store in the freezer. Hudson helps with tidying the kitchen, folding laundry, caring for the chickens, and maintaining his bedroom by putting away toys, laundry and making his bed.  He is also very helpful with his sisters.
Fine Arts:
Hudson participated in a rhythm and drumming class with the homeschool co-op. He also participated in a dance class at a birthday party.

Hudson created a web for Charlotte’s Web using yarn and some pencils.

Language Arts:
We completed a Charlotte's Web lapbook... Some of the activities were creating a prediction of the story:

Hudson wrote an acrostic poem:
And he created a timeline of the story:

Hudson has been a bit reluctant to read lately... but I feel like he is doing well still... here is an example:


Books Hudson Read:

Amelia Bedelia Plays Ball
The Gruffalo
Duffy Takes a Dip
Slow Turtle Saves the Day
Patty For President
Sebastian's Good Idea
A Day at the Carnival

Books Read to Hudson:

Little House in the Big Woods
Hansel and Gretel
Brewster The Rooster

Using these 2 pictures as an idea starter:

Hudson dictated this story to me:

The Boy That Had A Starfish
There was a boy that sailed to an island in a sailboat. And he found a starfish. He tried to pick it up, but it was stuck on the sand. Then he got hungry and found a coconut tree. And picked a coconut and ate it. He banged the coconut on the rock. And then he wondered if the starfish was still stuck to the sand and it was not stuck on the sand. And then he brought it home and he kept it for a pet.
We created nature journals... they are more organized than our previous ones and that makes them more functional as well I think...

We've used it to observe our garden as it grows...

To record creatures we come across:

And to draw wild plants we find:

We have also taken on a lapbook to study properties of matter.

We did an experiment called what happens if you break a solid.
Using a bar of soap we cut it and then asked the question: Is it still a solid?

To demonstrate that liquid takes on the shape of it's container we poured colored water from one container to another.
First we poured glass beads to show that they are a solid and do not change shape...

Then poured water from a round container to a square container.
This was by far the most fun we had experimenting with matter... 
I hope this video explains why:

Hudson understands that gases take up the spaces left over by liquids and solids.

Social Studies:
In response to reading Little House in the Big Woods, Hudson and his dad built a model log cabin.

While reading Charlotte's Web Hudson compared and contrasted farm life with city life:

On a very exclusive field trip we had the opportunity to explore an airplane hangar in which my father in law is building an airplane.

Here is a journal entry Hudson wrote about it:

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