Saturday, November 9, 2013

Learning About Water

Special Guest Post from Craig.

Hello vast blogosphere world. Today I will share with you what happens when Dad takes over the day of school.

The kids are learning about air and water where our water comes from and where it goes when we are done with it. Given that we live outside the city, I am responsible for maintaining this system. So what better guy to teach the kids where the water comes from for their baths and where it goes after they poop in it.

We started of by examining toilet operations. Looking at where the water comes and where it goes out.

Then it was time to get the winter gear on and explore the great outdoors. We talked about where we could get water from. Meadow suggested melting snow. Hudson recommended the creek. We talked about how people used to take water from a creek in a bucket to the house and how that doesn't sound like very much fun.

So we took a trekked over to the well house, looked at the water and talked about how the pump moves it from here up the hill to the house.

 Using water is easy, but where does that water go when we are done with it? The next smelly stop: The septic tank. Floating bits were poked, noses were plugged. No one fell in so I'm going to call it a success.

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Jen Duncan said...

Way to go Craig, Meadow and Hudson!! You now know something that many city dwellers never learn!! I loved reading about your adventure!!

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