Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Friday Science: Salt and Ice

For Christmas Nana bought Hudson a Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab.  We had sort of opened it and had a look around in late December, but today we cracked that baby open and actually did an experiment.
We didn't exactly follow the laid out instructions, but as often happens learning occurred anyway. 

I incorporated a Science Journal printable from  Ashleigh's Education Journey over at Teacher Pay Teachers 

I let each kiddo come up with their own question and hypothesis and we conducted individual experiments accordingly.

Meadow's question was What happens when you sprinkle salt on ice?
Hypothesis: The ice will change colour.

So she sprinkled the salt and observed...

Sorry to say the salt did not change the colour of the ice.

Hudson's question was What happens when you mix salt and ice?
Hypothesis: The ice will have cool patterns.

So he mixed and observed...

The ice sort of had cool patterns.

Then mommy turned Mrs. Frizzell showed the class what the original experiment was supposed to be.  Using salt to make the ice cubes stick together. The students were shocked and amazed!

What fun science have you been up to?  What are your kiddos questions?

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