Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not So Scary Anymore Math

Math... indeed to some it is a four letter word. A daunting subject to say the least. I for one am not very comfortable in the world of numbers.
In an attempt at over coming my fraction fears I will share with you some of my math and counting tools.

Numbers Puzzle
First on my list is Trend Enterprises Inc. Numbers 1-20 puzzle.
Hudson gets practice with counting, identifying numbers and logic. Plus it's a puzzle so it's fun!

Grid Games
The second tool on my list I found over at Teach Mama.
Grid games are a big hit here at the academy. Can't you tell? Seriously he really does like them.

Here's how it works. We roll the dice and cover the number of objects on our paper with a marker of some sort (in this case beans). The first person to cover their whole grid wins. You can even print a ready made game board.

Not only does it teach number recognition (with the dice) and counting, it also teach left to right prereading skills. That's multitasking. Every home school mother's dream :)

I bought my dice at a teacher store but there are instruction on how to make one over at 4 Crazy Kings

Number Blocks
Last but not least are our number blocks. I found this set (dare i say it) at the dump. So if anyone knows where they can be purchased please leave a comment.

These blocks include 10 long blocks with objects on one side and numbers on the other.As well as 10 number 1 blocks with 1 cherry on the back of each.

The game we play with these is, I choose one of the long blocks and Hudson counts out cherry (1) blocks to match the number I picked. Sometimes i show him the side with the objects and sometimes I show him the number side.

I hope these little tools and tricks are helpful to you! Remember numbers are your friend :)

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Jolanthe said...

Love that bean counting game!! :) We'll have to try that!

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Great math ideas! I'm math phobic myself...still wondering how on earth I ended up married to a statistician?!?!

Anyway, thanks so much for visiting our Tot School post! The name cards were way easy. I took some letter magnets (like you can find for a couple bucks in a store). I outlined the letters the make up his name on some cardstock. I printed out a little picture I had of his cute little face & taped it to the cardstock. Hand him the paper & appropriate magnets, and you're done :) Our little guy LOVED this. I'm actually making a few more of them tonight.


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