Thursday, August 27, 2009

Preschool Corner Letter K

Oh the alphabet fun we have here!  This week was K week.

We stamped keys on to a DLTK letter Kk template.

We made a crown.
Then turned Hudson into a king.
 We played grid games with koala pictures and kidney beans.
Great Grandma sent us a kaleidoscope that was very amusing.
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Orange Juice said...

LOL I saw you made the crown and I was thinking but that's a "c" ROTFL DUH! A KING! I'm a dork.
Totally cute!

Jackie said...

I really like the key stamping idea! Looks like your son enjoyed all the K activities.

Jolanthe said...

Love the key stamping!! :) And he makes such a wonderful king!

Susana said...

That crown is awesome!! I also need to check out your math link--Not so scary math? Is that correct?

Virginia Lee said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! I always love to find other homeschool bloggers with kiddos in the same age group as mine. I'll have to spend some time reading about what your family is up to. Also, I loved your post about "can't." So very true, and what a wonderful way of refocusing the situation.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Great K-week. I liked your crown a lot - Anna sorely wants one too. I will check your link for grid games as well.

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