Monday, September 21, 2009

Ocean in a Bottle

I totally loved this craft and so did Hudson. He made an ocean in a bottle as a gift for his sister's birthday. Now I know i got this idea form someone else's blog but I really can not for the life of me remember where I found it. Here is my tutorial.

plastic bottle
food coloring
cooking oil
sparkles, sequence and other small trinkets
glue gun

1. Star by filling a plastic bottle 2/3 full of water.(we started out using a measuring cup but found that pouring from another bottle was much easier).

2. Add some drops of blue food coloring and little green if you want as well.  Put the cap on the bottle and shake to mix the color.

3. Remove the cap and  add sequence, sparkles, pretty buttons (get creative with this step).

4. Top up the bottle with cooking oil.
5. Place a circle of hot glue inside the bottle cap and screw on tightly.

Voila an ocean in a bottle!



Raising a Happy Child said...

I really wanted to try this craft when we did our "ocean theme", but figured eventually that Anna is a little too young and might want to get to the contents of the bottle rather than simply admire it. Hudson looks so cute working on his bottle - I might try it next summer when she is a bit older :)

Jackie said...

Looks like fun!

Susana said...

He is adorable--thanks for sharing this too!

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