Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talk About Mail Delays...

Our Summer Swap package just finally got here! (The post mark says it was mailed August 12).  The box was a bit damaged but the contents were just fine. Thank you to the Christian whose mom writes Welcome to Winston Manor.
Hudson got some really cool and creative things.
*A whiteboard with his name on it and dry erase markers
*Some really fantastic magnets
*A cool art display wall hanger
*A postcard and a letter.

Someone else who arrived in the mail on Monday was Stanley.  We were very excited to have a North Carolina State University Stanley arrive on Monday from Christopher whose mom Carly writes C and C Family Blog .
Stanley has enjoyed Hudson's reading corner quite a bit.  He is sort of partial to books I think :)
Playing Lego has been quite a fun experience.

As well Stanley was a great help in getting our choke cherries ready for canning.

We will be sending Stanley off to his next destination very soon.

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Susana said...

He got a cool package:-).

Like your fun Stanley pictures too!

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