Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What My Child is Reading!

We read more than I write about in this post usually. I just choose our top 3 of the week to feature so you all don't get bored.

So this week we have read;
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr.Seuss

Quite the classic really.  I must admit though I find this book (as well as Hop on Pop) very bizarre.  There are a lot of made up words and far fetched situations.  The rhyming is pretty decent in this book though.  The pictures hold Hudson's attention the whole way through.

Waddle Waddle Quack Quack Quack by Barbara Anne Skalak

This is a simpler book but oh so sweet.  Who can resist a lost little duckling looking for his mommy?  Not me that's for sure!

Just a Daydream by Mercer Mayer

I just loved Little Critter books when I was a kid.  My grandma would read "Just Grandma and Me" and "When I Get Bigger" all the time.  Just a Daydream deals with Little Critter daydreaming about becoming a super hero to solve a bully problem.  He has some other wild fantasies as well.  A really cute and far out there book.

To find out what other people's kids are reading head on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.

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Susana said...

I've never seen this duck book. It looks cute! Thanks for sharing it. By the way, for what we read, it's listed in my sidebar of my Shelfari. I just can't add this post to my weekly list right now, even though I would LOVE to:-)!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for linking to me. I moved WMCIR to Saturday, so it fits better into everyone's posting schedule, and I will be back to bug you to link to McLinky. I also like Critter stories, but Anna is sort of lukewarm to them right now. She really prefers stories where everyone behaves well and there is no conflict :)

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