Friday, October 23, 2009

What My Child is Reading!

This week was a library week. Sometimes we just read what we have and sometimes we need to add some spice to our reading so we get books at the library.

Wanting to get into the Halloween spirit with our really getting in to Halloween spirits I chose to bring home The Costume Party by Victoria Chess.

A cute story about a family of dogs and their slightly eccentric owner who plan a rainy day costume party.

We love Robert Munsch in our house so of course we chose a Munsch story to read this week, Aaron's Hair.

This was quite a funny book, but I must admit that I was not thrilled that the catch phrase was HAIR I HATE YOU!

Ok now for my favorite of the week... Drum roll please.
The Wolf Who Cried Boy By Bob Hartman.

Oh this book is so funny!  I loved it!  The story of a young wolf who is dissatisfied with his mother's cooking and longs to have a boy as a meal.  Seriously read this book. 

To find out what other folks are reading head on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.


whisperingwhispers said...

I have heard about the book A Wolf Who Cried Boy, but we've yet to read it. I am going to have to look for it now!

Chels said...

We also like 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'! We borrowed it from the library last month!
We like twists on classic stories. You should read 'The Three Swingin' Pigs'!

Chels said...

Oops! I think I sent that too fast and wrote the title wrong?- 'The Wolf Who Cried Boy'!

Ticia said...

Love the books you read, the first one looks super cute.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I am definitely going to look for The Wolf Who Cried Boy - sounds like fun. I have mixed feelings about Munsch - both Anna and I liked some of his books, but a few have really naughty characters that I don't care for.

vanessa said...

The Costume Party looks really good--perfect for Halloween coming up. My daughter is obsessed with costumes right now.

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