Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Junk Jar.

Now I do know that there have been some people posting about not using food in crafts, sensory bins...etc. So if you are a blogger against multi-purposed food then stop reading now.

Yesterday I made a "junk jar"!  Some people call them I-Spy jars, but since my motivation for this came from my friend Jackie over at Pocket Full of Posies (who has really great alphabet and sensory bin ideas) I decided to use her name for it.

 So here's how:

Clean peanut butter jar (ours is a no nuts substitute due to allergies)
small "junk" collected from around your house

Step 1: Open jar
Step 2: Put junk into jar
Step 3: Cover with rice
Step 4: Replace lid on jar (you can glue it with hot glue if you want to but i kind of want to change my junk every once in a while so I didn't)
Step 5: Shake
Step 6: Spy your junk.

Totally a hit at my house. Meadow has been stealing it from Hudson and scooting her little bum away just as fast as she can go.


Our Little Family said...

Love the "Junk Jar" name! We have one but I used a Mason jar and I'm always nervous that she'll drop it and shatter it (not sure why I used glass... Lol).

I'm not against food in crafts. In fact, I'd rather use a bag of rice, rather than buying plastics or styrofoam. But, I understand the mentality of not wasting food.

Although, this is certainly NOT a waste of food. Love it!!


Raising a Happy Child said...

Hey, Food Police is following your blog :D I wonder how long will it be before Hudson starts asking for those things nicely sitting inside of the jar. In our case it would have been mere hours.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

I have been meaning to do something like this, but never thought of putting it in a jar, I was thinking of doing rice in a clear tupperware/bin. Thanks for the tip!

Adriana said...

Love it! I have some old peanut butter jars in the recycle box. Thanks for the idea!

Debbie said...

I was wondering the samething as Natalie. I thought hot glue the lid down, now Selena would throw a fit, she would want her goodies!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the link, Sara! I am glad the idea worked for your children. My kids have totally been loving their junk jars. However, I know my boys too well to think that they wouldn't open the jar and try to get the "junk" out of it. You are brave. :-)

Ticia said...

My kids got a smaller version of this in the mail and loved it. I keep intending to make it, but haven't yet.
So, the alternative I saw to using rice was using the little seed beads (can you imagine how much that would be if you bought them?)

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