Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creation Unit Study Day 1

Yes perhaps we should have started with a Creation study instead of a Noah's Ark study but sometimes we are a little bit backwards around here.

So Day 1 of Creation.

Activity #1 (language)
I used this creation mini book from Christian Preschool Printables and made felt board sequencing cards. 
I just printed the book on to a sheet of freezer paper, cut the pages, ironed them on to a piece of felt, and cut each one out.  Oh and you may notice that we are using a real felt board (well some felt glued to a big piece of cardboard) and not the back of my couch!  Yay!

Activity #2 (math)
I introduced zero to Hudson today.

I gave him 2 chocolate chunks on a plate.
He ate one and then gave one to Meadow.
Then There were zero chocolate chunks.
Here Hudson is showing me zero (0) with his hand.

Activity #3 (art)
Hudson did some interesting artwork to demonstrate light and dark.  
First he put some precut tape onto a sheet of dark purple cardstock. (I didn't have any black on hand).
Next Hudson painted all over the paper with white paint.

Once the paper was adequately painted Hudson (with some help from mommy) peeled the tape off.
Voila a light and dark masterpiece :)


Jackie said...

Great ideas! I like how Hudson studied zero. ;-0

Ticia said...

I love doing Creation studies, there are so many fun things to do.

Miller Moments said...

Very cool! We've been doing a study on Creation too. You might enjoy this activity....


kewkew said...

I love the light and dark activity. I just decided we were going to start doing Creation lessons. I made a book years ago with my older children and some neighbors on the days of creation, wonder if I can find it...
Following you now, found you through the homeschool hop.

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