Monday, March 1, 2010

Noah's Ark Unit Study Day 4

Day 4 Of Noah's Ark. If you missed my other posts in this unit study be sure to catch up:
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Activity #1 (language)
I found some animal clip art in various places and printed it.  Cut the animals into squares and laminated them.  Then I brought out some alphabet flash cards and Hudson sorted the animals by their first letter.  

Activity 2 (art)
Hudson created a mixed media rainbow.  I divided a piece of card stock into 6 sections.  Then i provided a different item to use for each color of the rainbow.  

Red- tissue paper
Yellow-stamp and ink
Green- yarn
Blue- stickers
Purple-tempera paint.

I hope you have enjoyed our time studying Noah's Ark.  Stay tuned for our next theme Creation.

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Jackie said...

I love all of these Noah's Ark activities. I may have to use some with my Sunday School class when we study Noah's Ark again.

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