Monday, November 22, 2010

Geoboard Genius

Hudson LOVES his geoboard. Recently at the preschool activity bag exchange we received a second geoboard for our geometry and math pleasure.

The first thing you can do with a geoboard is make elastic shapes. 

But if you break out some duplo you can also practice estimating. How many blocks do you think will fit in this square? A great intro to area.

 You can create rows and columns.
(Do ignore the small child with her sagging big girl panties off to the right :})

What unique additions have you made to your geoboard play?


Anonymous said...

oo very fun love the additional uses of the board :-)

MommaMindy said...

I have worked with geoboards for years, but never thought to add something in the squares to show area. Amazing idea. Of course, I will need to make a new one, the little plastic ones just are too small.

I don't know if it is unique, but other than area, geoboards are great to show line of symmetry(if there is one), congruent shapes and how to divide one shape into others. For little rubber bands, sometimes we used the smallest hair bands.

(I wondered why I was constantly running out of rubber bands a few years ago. NEVER had any when I pulled out the geoboards. One of my sons was making a rubber band ball. It was a fun project, just meant I had to keep buying rubber bands.)

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