Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are so close ...

To moving to the farm! If you aren't familiar with our house journey it starts here and there is another part here.
The name of our farm is the Rafter 9 because of my Grandpa's parents cattle brand. ( I have inherited the branding irons and they are a treasure to me.)
I am really excited to be living in the new house soon. As well as totally freaked out!  I'm a city girl!  What was I thinking? I am totally missing not having the chickens in our in town back yard and I want to go hang out with my goat in the barn. (those of you who know me well may doubt my sincerity... those of you who know me better than well know that I really love my goat).  In fact here she is:
So on with the show.  This is not the most updated stage of the house but I wanted to share some pictures with you anyway.

The Kitchen:
The Living Room:

My Bedroom (before the floors were stained walnut):
The Moon (This picture tugs at my heart):


Anonymous said...

oo yay almost there!!! How exciting!

Debbie said...

I love the moon picture! It would be so nice to live in the country!

Crystal said...

There's nothing more exciting!!! Our kitchens are the same color! LOL

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