Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday Morning Math

Not that I will be posting about math every Monday morning... I do like the sound of alliteration though.
So Nana (my mother in law) is a great at choosing educational gifts for my kiddos.  For Hudson's birthday he received Playful Patterns from Discovery Toys .
 Here's why I love this toy!  It starts out super easy.  Just match the foam shapes to the shapes on the card.  Being successful right off the bat is a huge confidence booster. Then it introduces something slightly more difficult.
Like two quarter circles make a semi or 1/2 circle and 2 semi circles makes a whole circle.  Then 2 squares makes a rectangle...
The most fun we had was learning about 2 triangles making a parallelogram.

As we move through the cards there are patterns and pictures for Hudson to fill in with the foam shapes.  Love love love this resource!

Note: I was not compensated in anyway for this post. Just think this is a cool toy and Sara Boyes is a friend of mine who sells Discovery Toys.


Altered by Jenn said...

We had that as kids. Going to have to get one for Matthew :)

Christine said...

Love those kind of pattern blocks! We have a Melissa and Doug set that is similar.

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