Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Really Growing!!!

HSV Garden Challenge
Our paper pot garden has gone from tiny meager something's it's growing it's really growing!!!
Bean Plants
Tiny Grape Tomato Plants
Newly Planted Herbs and Pumpkin
(our origami pots did not hold up too well so the Lavender, Mint, Basil and Chives were replanted.)

It's really been quite exciting working on this with the kiddos.  They are thrilled to be the first to announce a newly sprouted seed.  Once the weather is warm enough (say June with the way the weather has been here) we will be square foot gardening outside.


Cheryl said...

What a neat project - the paper potsare so cool! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the HSV Team. Hope to see you at the next link up on April 28!

Zonnah said...

They look great! I used newspaper pots last year and loved that I could just plop them in the ground when ready, pot and all :)

Joy said...

The paper pots are awesome! Looks like you have a wonderful start to your garden! Blessings!

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