Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little things...

I have been taking in the little things as I observe my children daily...

* He remembers things and then incorporates them into his play.  Example: On Tuesday while driving into town we saw a jet in the sky. This morning he was building jets with his Lego and explaining to me where the jet stream comes out...etc.

*He wants you to be involved in the small details.  Example: "Mommy, when I was putting laundry in the washing machine I just picked up the whole pile and jjjjupe put it right in."

*He longs for super powers.  So he has a cape for powers and some BC Lions gloves for power and once in a while his sun glasses are powerful.


* She is paying attention to the world around her and  things are sinking in. Example: When we head to town she asks "Mommy are you going to get a Mocha Latte Supreme from Timmy's?"
"Don't forget daddy's large double double."

*She longs to be beautiful just as much as Hudson longs to be powerful.  Princess dresses and her daddy's adoring compliments make her beam.

*She wants to be part of everything. Every game, trip outside (even if it's just me running to the car),or chore to be done... Meadow wants to be included.

What are the little things you are appreciating (or trying to appreciate) about your children?

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