Sunday, April 10, 2011

ABC Teach Review

I've been given the opportunity to review abcteach and let me tell you I have spent this week exploring the site. There are so many resources and teaching tools to take in.
What I loved:
Since our current unit study is dinosaurs, the first thing I did was go searching for dinosaur printables and worksheets.  There are ooodles!  Here are a few that I chose:
What Words come to mind when we think about DINOSAURS.
This prompted some very creative thinking from Hudson.

Coloring pages to keep Meadow busy.
Number dot to dots to help with number order and recognition.
So they have tons of printables and work sheets.

The second thing I tried out was in the abc tools section of the site: 
Custom work sheet generator.  This thing is awesome!  Remember how I was looking for ways to teach Hudson to spell and read his name? Well check this out!
A customized fill in the missing letter just to practice spelling Hudson.  Awesomeness!
Other Great Features:
There are wonderful tutorial videos to watch for various site features. It's always nice to watch a pro navigate something before you do.
There is a really cool interactive section with games, story books and more.
While there are some free resources to take advantage of there is much more available to site members.
To become a member you do have to pay 39.99 for the year. 

Note: These opinions are my own. I was given a free membership to ABC teach in order to write this review.

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Shara: Mommy Perks said...

This is great - thank you, Sarah! is a great resource for parents, nannies, teachers, librarians and home schoolers. I'm so happy that you reviewed the site and you are right - members have access to so much!! 38,000+ printouts, ideas and clip art images. They have been Online for ten years now - a wonderful small business success story :-) Thanks again for reviewing!

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