Friday, April 22, 2011

A couple more Easter activities

Well it comes as no surprise that we made resurrection rolls. Half of the homeschool bloggy world has made them too. But I will share our experience which has a little something extra added.
 First we dipped a marshmallow in butter, then rolled it in cinnamon and sugar.
Then we wrapped the marshmallows in the crescent roll dough.  I gave each kiddo 2 triangles (so 1 rectangle) of dough for easier wrapping.
Here they are ready for the oven.
 What are these quirky children doing while waiting for their dessert to bake?
Well in Thriving Family Magazine there is a brilliant idea that on Thursday before Good Friday have your family participate in a foot washing.  Well Hubby got home super late on Thursday night so we did our foot washing on Friday.  Hudson and Meadow are sniffing their perfumed feet.
At last it was time to break open the Resurrection Rolls and reveal the missing marshmallows.  
And devour the sweet stickiness.

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Holly said...

Yummy. My children asked to make these this year...but mommy forgot to buy marshmallows. Oops.

And what a way to sniff your feet! Wish I was that limber! lol

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