Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Habits

After my plea for you to still like me even though I'm a slob  less than neat and tidy I thought I would share a couple of habits we have been working on and doing quite well at here.

1. Daily Lists
Even though the list looks mostly the same from day to day it really helps the kiddos and I to stay on track.  Hudson and Meadow have a much better attitude about chores and transitioning to the next activity if we cross off what we have just finished.  Plus a finished to do list just feels so darn good :)

2. 15 Minute Tidy 
At the top of the list every day is a 15 minute tidy.  I am finding this so helpful to our day.  I may give each kiddo a specific chore for those 15 minutes or we might just look around and see that everything has gone to pot and tidy until the timer beeps.

So there are the little successes that I am happy dancing about today.  What are you baby steps to celebrate?

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Holly said...

Hi, Sarah! I'm always happy to meet someone new via my party...thanks for joining!
Lists are a great way to keep kids (and ourselves) on task. I've done it in the past for the kids but have gotten away from it lately. I've just realized that I really need to do it again, especially for my daughter, who seems a little shocked every day when I say "you need to make your bed!". If I write it down for her, she remembers, and I don't have to nag!

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Found you on the creative moms zibbet forum!
HOpe you'll follow me back. Zibbet is a great community.

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