Friday, May 6, 2011

He Can Read!

A dear friend of mine told me about BOB books. At first I sort of dismissed the idea of these simple books with line drawings and silly characters.  I mean really could they be any better than the next beginner reader?  OH YES THEY CAN!!!
I purchased BOB Books Set 1 while on vacation visiting family.  I thought I would wait until Kindergarten officially starts in September to bring them out.
Well as any homeschool mom knows when you buy a new toy you must play with it.
The very first time I introduced Hudson to Mat (the first book in the series) he read it...  I mean really read it! It was amazing!
Look at him read!  Doesn't it make you beam with pride?  (Well I suppose only if you are one of the grandparents or other Scott family relatives who read this blog).

Note: This post is all my own opinion. I am not in affiliation with BOB Books. I'm just a friend telling you about something really cool that I have found :)


Aislynn said...

We love the BOB Books. A friend of mine just gave me these hand me downs. They are like the BOB Books, but about 30 pages each. I think you could get them on ebay for cheaper because the ones I have are an older edition.

Stephanie said...

We just got the BOB books this weekend and I can't wait to get started with them. You should check at Sam's club because I got collection 1 with 18 books for $10.38 so it is cheaper than buying the inividual sets and you get more books!
I just started a Teach Me To Read Thursdays and I hope you will join in sharing your posts on reading :)
Look for a new link up this Thursday!

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