Saturday, April 21, 2012

stART: Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

It's been forever since I participated in stART. I adore the concept, but have a difficult time being consistent with it. So here we go with the Scott School Story + Art project. The Book:
In case you're not familiar with bucket filling, it's similar to a love bank, Everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds their good feelings... when the bucket is full we are happy... when it is empty we are sad... so we try to fill other's buckets by saying or doing kind things.
My children have been recognizing ways that they are filling each others buckets as well as Mom and Dad's buckets through out the day... I love hearing "Mommy I just filled your bucket!"

The Art:

A happy little bucket of sparkly hearts.  We used cardstock for the bucket, markers to draw the face, heart stickers, and a pipecleaner for the handle... So cute!

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