Monday, September 16, 2013

Our School Room... A Work in Progress...

I have sorta always been a school at the table kinda person... that may have been because I didn't have a school room... because really right now my school room is soo handy!

Each kiddo has their own work space... and while they are not forced to use their desks... most of the time they choose to.

I had visions of the kiddos and I snuggling up on this couch... reading stories... creative writing... but it has become more of a mom sits here and drinks coffee and assists the students when called upon... which is really quite wonderful.  I think it could use a few cushions... do I hear Ikea calling my name??

The stuff... and this is not all of it... it's just the part I was willing show you all... 
I love that the stuff is outta my kitchen and behind a closed door where it is off limits for the 2 year old... 

So there you have it... a bit of organization... maybe a little wall decor (again Ikea calling) and this will be a pretty schnazzy hang out.


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