Thursday, October 10, 2013

Salmon Part 2

You didn't think I would leave you hangin' did ya?
We had a lovely time at the Salmon Run at Roderick Haig-Brown provincial park (side note if you attempt to rely on your GPS to get you there you will get lost).
While the waters were not crowded with fish we were still able to see some sockeye close up.
 Thankfully the beaches were not covered in decaying, smelly fish like I remember from the salmon runs of my childhood. We managed to observe this poor fellow and 2 others... but that was it for dead fish!!!
Of course there were other activities to pursue along the trails...

 Hudson drew a a pretty great picture of what he observed at the Salmon Run, and added a little write up as well.

Can't wait for our next grand adventure!

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homeschool.rookie said...

i can't believe you went adventuring without me!!!

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