Monday, March 10, 2014

Chiming in about Writing...

Meadows Journal

Writing is something I want my children to love...  there is nothing quite like the perfectly written message in a card... or creating an outrageous and adventurous new land in a story.

Alas it is rare that my fantasy life and my real life actually line up... in our home writing was one of those subjects that was met with groans and occasionally tears... but it has gotten better... Here's how:

1. We stopped using a writing/ spelling program...

2. We started daily journaling with prompts (I hope to phase out the need for prompts in the future).
Here are a few ideas:
Write about a book character you would like to meet. What is something you love about yourself? Write about something that drives you crazy. If you could be in a cartoon which cartoon would you be in? Choose one of your toys and pretend it can talk. What would it say?
Do you think a monkey would make a good pet? Why? Write about a dream you remember? Write about the best birthday you've ever had. If you made supper what would you make? Write about how to be a good friend.

3. I only allow myself to correct 2 things in a writing piece... usually a misplaced capital or period.

4. We do Mad Libs which is a super fun way to practice parts of speech.

5. I am choosing to believe that an avid reader will become a capable speller.

6. Hudson has a pen pal and that has been a super fun non threatening way to get him to write.

7. We play classical music... it's calming and it gets the creative juices flowing.

As the weather warms up I hope to take our writing outdoors and introduce more poetry...

What do you do to encourage your children to love writing?


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