Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nature Journal :Garden Observing

This could be potentially embarrassing... but I used to fantasize about being a Charlotte Mason homeschool mom...
Picture it... frolicking in a meadow of soft wildflowers and tall grasses...  wearing a straw hat and long sundress no less...sitting on bear size, sun warmed rocks watching your children paint the scenery with water colors.
Then heading home to read interesting books... and gather fascinating tidbits about the nature you were just submersed it... Everybody excited to learn.

Experience has fortunately burst that bubble for me... crying children on a trail in a near by provincial park with a disobedient dog and a stroller can knock the serene right out of you.

I have held on to a love for nature journals though... they are just so pretty... and the idea makes me think of calm... so we march on with nature journals...

I'm going to share a few printables that are working well for us right now as we observe the seedlings we are starting on the window sill.

1. A calendar

This allows us to record so many things:

  • how long it has taken each plant to sprout.
  • which plant sprouted first.
  • how old each plant is
  • when second leaves began to grow
My children are experimenting with some kitchen seeds... so they ave decided to pay especially close attention to the apple seeds planted in the peet pucks.

I love this page... Space to draw and write observations... reminds us to date our work (I'm quite bad at remembering that) and each square is small enough to not be intimidating.

Do you have any favorite nature journal printables or resources? 

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